A permanent coordination table was set up among the Research Projects of National Interest (PRIN) 2010-11 operating in urban planning. The aim is to work towards a joint reflection on the main results of the current research and to promote the interaction with the making of the Urban Agenda.

The Politecnico di Milano held, on the 10th of April 2015, a seminar addressing these three questions: 1. What kind of city are the different Research Projects of National Interest concerned with, and why? What kind of themes and new elements have been identified? 2. Which aspects of the urban question do the PRIN focus on and what decisions in terms of methodology have been made in order to address those aspects? Which problems and themes have been identified? 3. Which inputs for a new Urban Agenda have the PRIN produced so far and what intermediate products would be already available? Which contributions can be made, through the PRIN, towards both policies and practices?

A dialogue has been opened between this working group and within the Public Administration at both central and local levels, starting from the NUVAL (“Permanent Task force for the Assessment of Public Investments” – at the Ministry of Infrastructure (MIT) regarding the issues explored by the PRIN lead by Politecnico di Milano and exploring regional urbanization processes in Italian major urban areas.

There will be joint seminars organized in collaboration with the other Urban@it working groups. For example, a one day workshop on the theme: “What Urban Agenda for metropolitan cities?”, starting from the results of the above mentioned PRIN lead by Politecnico di Milano and in collaboration with the working group working on the implementation of the reform of local administration and the implementation of metropolitan cities, supported by FUAP (University Foundation for the training of Public Administration) or with a one-day presentation of the “PRIN Atlas” scheduled for June.